White Butterfly Syngonium– are available in an array of different cultivar colours.  Many of the newer varieties have been selected to be compact and form a tight bunch of foliage. Persevere and they will start trailing. Great for low light and self-watering pots as they tolerate the odd waterlogged period in their life.

Ornamental Grape Ivy Cissus – is an ideal trailing plant/climber for the beginner. It tolerates lower light levels than most and is fast growing. It’s perfect for those house plant parents who need instant results. Dark green foliage and bushy habit ensures it looks good almost anywhere, even a macramé planter.

Devils Ivy Epipremnum – is almost indestructible. Thick stems with brightly variegated foliage make a striking statement in any situation. There are many different cultivars, all hardy. The green and gold variety tend to be most tolerant of low light situations and can be kept in dark corners for weeks at a time. I recommend having 2 plants, one kept in a higher light position and changing them around fortnightly.

Swiss Cheese Monstera – Is a small leaf climbing/trailing variety of this hardy almost impossible to kill plant. The small trailing species is a little more delicate and won’t tolerate waterlogging, where older leaves tend to yellow and drop if over watered or under watered. Keep in a high light situation preferable near a large window or sliding door and liquid fertilise regularly.

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