Isn’t it amazing that every time we have a problem in the garden many of us reach for the bottle of fix all, the magic solution that is going to kill every insect and bug in the garden. Many of us don’t have any regard to the bugs that are found in the garden, which are in fact predators and eat the bad bugs.

For all fauna to live in your garden there needs to be a food source and our native birds are some of the hardest working animals in a backyard.

  1.  Did you know by planting even only one Grevillea in the garden you will potentially attract a family of Honey Eaters that will eat many insects and spiders?
  2.  It is very satisfying to create a garden that is both enjoyable for ourselves and the native bird population.
  3.  You can reduce the amount of chemicals that are used in your backyard by planting bird attracting shrubs.
  4.  A bird attracting garden is suited to our climate as most plants suitable are really hardy varieties.

This style of gardening is based around using mainly native plants to help provide food, shelter and support to our native birds. It’s particularly important in built up areas to retain our biodiversity in urban areas. By providing a food source of bird attracting shrubs, it will ensure the continual survival of the different native species. It is also very important to provide a continual water source of varying depths.

Remember, by planting just one long flowering variety of Grevillea, either in a pot or in the garden it will attract native birds to the garden and provide enough food all year round for a family of honeyeaters. It is an ideal chemical free solution to insect control for all home owners. Helping the environment doesn’t have to take up the whole garden.

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