Sneaking a few minutes here and there in the garden is the theme for the February garden. The vegie garden is overflowing with produce, it’s a little early and hot to replant and all the work done over the last few months can be enjoyed.  It’s time to lie back in the hammock and enjoy the garden, with only a few must do jobs this month.

  • Keep Basil flowers trimmed off to encourage new soft growth. If it sets too many seed heads, it’s at the expense of leaves.
  • Give the Apricot tree a summer prune to reduce the incidence of bacterial gummosis which causes dieback of the branches. Trees are relatively short lived, so pruning is important to stimulate vigorous new growth. Apply Seasol around the tree’s canopy to promote strong healthy growth after the stresses of being pruned.

  • The Black English Mulberry has just finished fruiting. This late fruiting tree has the most flavoursome fruit. It is also the slowest growing of all the Mulberry varieties, trees can survive for many years becoming a firm favourite with children and adults alike. It’s time to trim the tree if needed and even though they survive without much care they will respond to a mulch with compost or pea hay and an application of complete fertiliser Apply Seasol plus Nutrients Fruit & Citrus around the tree’s canopy to revitalise and boost soil and plant health.
  • Cymbidium Orchids are initiating their flower spikes now, even though it feels like months before they are actually in full flower. High humidity, bright light, but not direct sun and apply a complete liquid fertiliser for flowering plants such as PowerFeed PRO SERIES Roses & Flowers will help them develop big full flower.
  • Warm weather causes ponds to green up dues to warm weather and extra nutrients in the water. Barley straw has been proven to inhibit the growth of algae. As it breaks down it releases natural chemicals that stop new algae growing. It’s cheap, easy to use, and environmentally friendly lasting for up to 6 months.
  • Grapevines add a touch of summer shade to any garden, not only do they look lovely, but they also produce juicy fruit to munch on while working in the garden. Grapes may need to be treated for mildew as it tends to reoccur at this time of the year. This fungus appears on the fruit in humid weather. To reduce the chance of getting mildew prune some of the foliage around the vine to increase airflow. Apply Seasol and PowerFeed All Purpose including Natives to grapevines to promote healthy growth and help reduce the stresses from heat, drought, pests and diseases.

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