How could we go through the month of May without mentioning our Mums? We celebrate and shower our Mum with love on the second Sunday in May (just in case you need a reminder) and while most Mums will say I don’t need anything for Mothers Day, there are a few plants that say ‘Mum I love you’, like no other:

Chrysanthemums– will flower for months and can stay in a pot indefinitely. Choose a sunny position and fertilise regularly. Some varieties grow tall, others are short and bushy.

Geraniums– are the flowering gift for the Mum who is a self-confessed ‘Black Thumb Gardener’. The perfect set and forget plant they will reward Mum with flowers almost all year round with minimal care.

Roses– are ideal gifts, especially those that are aptly named. Search for Mothers Love as it will be guaranteed to melt a heart.

Anthuriums– are the perfect slow growing, hardy indoor plant that will stay in the pot they are grown in for months, even years. Given a well-lit position inside or on a verandah they will flower continually.

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