Growing plants in pots can be very rewarding. Large oversized containers with a mix of species will produce foliage colour, flowers and interest for many months.

 Tips to mixed container planting;

  • Select large containers and only use premium potting mix for planting. This is suitable for all types of plants from Australian natives to succulents.
  • Select different varieties of plants with similar growing habits to be planted together. Dedicated shade lovers or sun tolerant species will make your life much easier when it comes to plant care.
  • When planting mixed containers decide what ‘look’ you want to create. Is it a formal style with structured foliage plants or will soft cascading varieties look best in the area?
  • Contrasting colours look great in large multi planted pots. Take a colour wheel with you to the garden centre. This will help you decide what plants go together. Soft pastel colours help create a cooling ambience to an area, while brilliant strong colours will help warm an area. A designers trick to attract the attention to an area of the garden.

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