Growing your own microgreens is a brilliant starter project for new gardeners or for those with limited space to grow plants. Microgreens are not a special type of plant, they are repeat harvest varieties plucked when they are a few cm’s tall. All that’s needed is a seed raising tray or shallow pot and soil mix. Seed raising mix is ideal as it has no large chunks and holds just enough water around plants roots for germination. Repeat the process in a new tray or pot every 3 weeks. This way you won’t be without salad greens all spring and summer.

By following these simple steps you will have tasty microgreens for salads and tarts in just a few weeks:

  • Fill a seed raising tray or shallow pot with seed raising mix
  • Sprinkle a mixture of salad greens, broccoli, beetroot and chard seeds over the surface
  • Sprinkle a fine layer of potting mix over seeds
  • Water in well
  • Place in a well-lit position and water regularly to ensure soil surface doesn’t dry out
  • Harvest leaves as needed anytime when leaves grow to 5cm long
  • Apply PowerFeed liquid plant food weekly at a rate of 2mL of PowerFeed per litre of water.