At this time of the year Maidenhair ferns are looking so spectacular that its easy to buy two or three at the blink of an eye. The soft delicate foliage on arching branches, makes it an ideal choice for well- lit indoor areas or where there is a little moisture in the air, such as a bathroom.

Maidenhairs will very quickly tell you they are not happy and as soon as the soil dries out the fronds shrivel and crisp up. The reason why many gardeners have a love-hate relationship with them.

Tips for successful Maidenhair Fern cultivation:

  • Maidenhair ferns require indirect light, if placed indoors and in a moist cool shaded position outdoors.
  • Self-watering pots are ideal as the plant has access to continual moisture. If planting in a clay or glazed pot, select a pot at least 1/3 the height of the plant.
  • Add coco peat to the potting mix to increase water holding capacity of the soil, without waterlogging the plant. Coco peat holds just the right amount of moisture around the plant’s roots.
  • Controlled release fertiliser for ferns scubas as PowerFeed Controlled Release Plant Food Pots & Planters Indoor & Outdoors applied at the beginning of every season is the easy and safest way of feeding.
  • If the foliage dies back at any stage cut the damaged fronds off and they will shoot away quickly.
  • If the plant has dried out completely, cut the whole plant back to ground level and keep in a moist shady position and in 95% of the time will shoot away again. Apply Seasol to promote strong healthy growth (30mL concentrate per 9 litres of water).

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