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If a member of your family has low vision or has found their vision deteriorating over time, there are a few simple planting tricks to make it easier to navigate around the garden.

  • White flowering plants are perfect to border edges of paths.
  • Silver foliage plants are ideal for mass planting and to highlight changes in the garden. Silver is particularly good to help those with low vision navigate garden areas at night.
  • Relay paths and step edges with white paving to highlight changes in levels.
  • Give a renewed focus to strongly perfumed plants, both flowers and foliage in high traffic areas.
  • Avoid masses of small pots and mass plant large individual planters to avoid tripping hazards.
  • Select light coloured glazed pots.
  • The use of sticky reflective tape placed under the planter rim won’t be intrusive in the daylight but will reflect in low light conditions.

Silver foliage plants

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