Plants are one of the best value gifts, they’re environmentally friendly, recyclable, living, sustainable, made in Australia and long-lasting.

At this time of the year, there are many plants grown specially to tempt gift-givers. These are perfect even for non-gardeners.

Top 10 Best Living Gifts:

  • Poinsettias – are in full flower at this time of the year. Will keep their colour form many months and will grow successfully in a pot on a balcony for years.
  • Hydrangeas – are big and showy and in full flower. Although they require more water than other plants, they are a crowd favorite and will flower throughout summer and beyond.
  • African Violets – the perfect plant for well-lit desktops or windowsills. African violets don’t want for much and will keep living for years.
  • Cactus – there are many different varieties being grown now and the cool on-trend gift for this season. Slow growing they will not require repotting for a very long time.

  • Roses – everybody loves a gorgeous rose plant. There are many different varieties suited to pots or garden beds.
  • Succulents – are available in many wide and varied foliage forms. Most are slow-growing, and all don’t require lots of water. Perfect for the person who forgets to water their potted plants
  • Herbs – not all herbs are delicate. Many varieties will grow in the full hot sun. Look out for rosemary, sage or thyme. These are the hardiest of all.
  • Kangaroo Paws – are an Australian favourite and will grow in pots or garden beds. They flower for months and a favourite of birds.
  • Gardenia – flowers through summer with the most delightful perfumed flowers. Grow in large pots or inground.
  • Citrus trees – for the gardener friend, you can’t go past a citrus tree. Perhaps a lime or lemon tree? They produce plentiful fruit and grow easily.

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