Selecting a Christmas tree that keeps returning year after year is one of the joys of Christmas.

There are many different varieties of trees especially grown to use as a living Christmas Tree and a quick trip to the garden centre will reaffirm this. The varieties growing as living trees will tolerate being inside for a few weeks as long as they get enough water. It’s a great idea to start off small and in a few short years the tree is usually too big to bring inside.

  • Before taking inside dunk the whole pot in a solution of Seasol Super Soil Wetter & Conditioner (50mL of Seasol Super Soil Wetter & Conditioner per 9 litres of water). Remove when the air bubbles stop. Let drain before taking inside. If any of the solution gets on the foliage, remember to wash off with water.  Repot if necessary as often the trees are quite large in a fairly small pot.
  • Living trees will dry out quicker than you realise. Place a deep saucer under the pot to ensure the tree will get enough water over a few days.
  • Always water from the top.
  • The festive season is over take the tree outside and water thoroughly.
  • Keep the tree under a shaded patio through the hot weather.
  • Feed with Seasol and PowerFeed (30mL Seasol and 50mL PowerFeed concentrate per 9 litres of water ) weekly for a few months then top dress with PowerFeed Controlled Release Plant Food All Purpose including Natives.
  • The transition to full sun needs to be done gradually and it may take a couple of months, depending upon where you live.
  • Over the cool months place in a sunny position as this will keep a strong compact shape and the perfect form for next festive season.

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