The humble lemon tree often gets overlooked when we talk about what to do in the garden because it’s the fruiting tree that is taken for granted, until you haven’t got one. There are over 100 different varieties grown worldwide, but only a few are grown in Australia. If you want a variety that you could almost guarantee some fruit for at least 9 months of the year, Eureka is your tree.

Thought to originate from Sicilian seed this variety made its way to Australia from California. A strong grower it produces enough lemons to feed the whole street when established.

A variety that is similar in flavour and growth habit to the Eureka is Lisbon and is usually identified if thorns appear.

For a mild juicy fruit ideal for pots or small gardens chose a Lemon Meyer. The fruit develops a dark yellow colour, has thin skin and fruits through winter.

While the fruit can be harvested for a little juice when they are green, the fruiting season is short through winter. This cultivar is thought to be a hybrid of a lemon and orange originating in China.

If you are looking for a super sweet variety select the Lemonade. The fruit tastes exactly like a glass of fresh Lemonade, with sugar added to sweeten the taste. The Lemonade is naturally sweet. The longer the fruit stays on the tree the sweeter it becomes. They will often be still hanging on at Christmas, depending how hot spring and early summer have been. They are a natural refreshing pick me up on a hot day and are easier to peel than a orange.

To keep citrus growing and fruiting well apply fertiliser such as PowerFeed PRO SERIES for Flowers, Fruit & Citrus regularly through the growing season. Their root system is shallow, so fertiliser is required around the whole base of the tree, not just on one side. Ensure water is soaking into the soil and apply composting much as small fruit is forming this month and if the tree suffers any water or heat stress this is when the fruit is most prone to dropping.

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