PowerFeed is the perfect solution for keeping your garden looking good above and below the ground. Nigel Ruck explains how plants are like humans, they like to be fed, little and often and that’s why liquid fertilisers are so good.

PowerFeed is a organically based dynamic fertiliser and soil improver that can be used on all plants in the garden. Its unique formula provides the macro nutrients, fish and natural soil conditioners that promotes strong , vigorous growth and stimulates flowering & fruiting. PowerFeed also has liquid compost that breaks down clay soils and reduces nutrient loss in sandy soils. It stimulates the growth of beneficial soil microbes that release nutrient back into the soil.

PowerFeed is available as a hose on application or as a concentrate in a watering can. Also check out more specific formulas of PowerFeed for Tomatoes & Vegetables and PowerFeed for Flowers, Fruit and Citrus.

For more information, visit https://www.seasol.com.au/home-garden/products/powerfeed/

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