Seasol HoseON R HD

Seasol the complete garden health treatment is the perfect solution for keeping your garden in optimum health and looking sensational. Nigel Ruck explains how good soil and reilable water are important but it’s the ongoing nurturing and feeding that takes plants to a new level.

Seasol is a plant health tonic and growth stimulant that can be used on all plants in the garden all year round. It is made from sustainable bull kelp washed up onto the beaches of King Island and west coast of Tasmania, no kelp is taken from the living marine forests.

Seasol stimulates strong root development and beneficial soil microbes, promotes healthy growth, enhances flowering & fruiting and helps with transplant shock. It also helps increase seed germination and helps plants cope with all types of stresses, heat, drought, frost and gives better tolerance to sucking insects and fungal attack. Plus it helps to improve nutrient uptake so when fertilisers are applied they are much more effective.

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