The summer crop on the fig tree is so close to picking and at the moment is susceptible to fruit fly damage for those of us unlucky enough to live in a fruit fly area. Spraying isn’t the preferred option for control, but sometimes you have no choice if you live in a fruit fly infested area. Continual baiting is also an effective method and works to reduce the population. There are many homemade fruit fly recipes available and some are more trouble than they are worth.

The vegemite and cloudy ammonia recipe is effective;

Mix together,

600ml warm water

2 tablespoons Cloudy ammonia

2 tablespoons sugar

1 dessertspoon vegemite

Pour 1-2cm in 500ml clear plastic drink bottles.

Make lots of holes at the top big enough to for a fly to fit in. Hang 6-8 in each tree and replace every 2 weeks.

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