Even the hardiest indoor varieties will need a little care this month. Just as the weather cools down take the indoor plants outside and hose off the dust that has settled on the leaves over the last few months. Repot those plants that have put on incredible new growth over summer months and trim or stake as needed. Remove any old yellow leaves and wipe foliage with a soft rag and white oil mix. White oil will not only make the leaves shiny, it will clean up any insects that may have been hiding amongst the foliage over the last few months.

It’s a great idea to have double the amount of indoor plants as needed (a great excuse to visit the garden centre again). This way plants can be regularly swapped to an outside position such as a shade house or verandah to ensure they get adequate light and water for maximum growth.

Try PowerFeed Pots & Planters over autumn. It is our new quick and easy answer to feeding your indoor plants. It comes in a 750mL spray pack. Simply spraying it onto the soil around the plant every 2 to 4 weeks.

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