If you find yourself time poor this month, there are a few quick five minutes tasks that can be easily completed and reward you with benefits in the coming months.

Prune Kangaroo Paws back to ground level after their main summer flowering and feed with PowerFeed Controlled Release Plant Food All Purpose including Natives. Their new growth will soon appear.

Stake and support Chrysanthemums if they are becoming top heavy. These hardy perennials add colour to the garden and are so easy to grow. Disbud or remove multiple buds will result in larger flowers.

Liquid fertilise Kaffir lime trees with PowerFeed PRO SERIES Flowers, Fruit & Citrus to encourage soft new growth throughout this month. These soft leaves are perfect to use plucked fresh and have the most flavour.

Cover the quince tree to protect the fruit from bird damage. Quinces are an adaptable and drought hardy tree that is ornamental at the same time. With a semi weeping habit it can be used to cast light shade on delicate plants beneath.

Enjoy the heavenly scent of the Moonflower throughout the autumn nights. This fast growing creeper is perfect for screening off an ugly wall or fence. In the cooler areas of the state it is affected by cold temperatures and can successfully be grown as an annual climber. Remember if you are planting one in your garden, apply Seasol (30 mL concentrate per 9 litres of water) every week for the first 4 weeks to give the plant a great kick-start to life.

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