• Foliar feed the potted plants with a small 2 litre pressurised sprayer and PowerFeed PRO SERIES for Pots and Planters – Indoor & Outdoor (5mL of concentrate per 2 litres of water). Nutrients applied over the foliage will be absorbed quickly and result in gorgeous new healthy growth. By applying through a handheld pressurised sprayer, a little will go a long way and the difference to the health of the plants is noticeable in a few days.
  • Mulch potted plants in the sun with a coarse chunky mulch or stones. Mulch will keep the root system cool, reducing stress on hot days. Coarse mulch or stones will reduce the incidence of collar rot, by ensuring the water drains away from the soil surface.
  • Nip the small growth tips out of shrubs or climbers to encourage busy growth. Pruning is often a daunting task, so nipping a few growth tips out when you take a walk around the garden will ensure plants stay bushy and produce new growth without any hard work.
  • Pot a few containers with instant colour to brighten up any dull areas. Plant seedlings with Seasol GOLD to get them off to a flying start. Think of great colour combinations – complimentary colours work well. The bright yellow of Coreopsis compliments the dark purple of Mexican Sage – Salvia leucantha. For orange and blue you can’t go past Salvia Gemstone Blue partnered with the bright orange of orange Dahlias. Other complimentary colour combinations include red and green, green-blue and red-orange and yellow orange paired with blue purple.

Check the irrigation system regularly. Through heatwave conditions a missed watering day could be a disaster.

Cover stone fruit trees with bird netting or if you live in a fruit fly area, cover with fruit fly net. These nets don’t have to be on the tree for the whole year. Remove after the fruit has been harvested.

Apply wetting agent to lawn areas to ensure water soaks into the soil. Seasol Super Soil Wetter & Conditioner will do two important jobs to ensure summer success, improve and condition the soil and make best use of water being applied.

Give house plants a dust and a wipe over with white oil. Repot any that are getting too large for their pots.

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