• Liquid fertilise potted ferns and indoor plants. Try PowerFeed Pro Series Pots & Planters Indoor & Outdoor. Mix 10mL of the concentrate per 9 litres of water on ferns and 20mL of the concentrate per 9 litres of water on other indoor plants.
  • Wipe white oil over indoor plants to remove dust, clear up scale insects and shine the leaves.
  • Thin out fruit on citrus trees if there are more than two forming in the same cluster.
  • Trim bougainvilleas lightly to encourage bushy growth and multiple flowering over the next few months.
  • Keep Hibiscus plants well watered so they don’t drop flowers.
  • Plant hardy annuals such as portulaca for summer colour.
  • Put out shallow dishes of water for bees, these are crucial for pollination of crops such as cucumbers and melons.
  • Check irrigation system regularly to ensure water is being delivered to plant’s roots.

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