• Spread a granular organic fertiliser around citrus trees. Allow the rain to wash it in.
  • Clean the secateurs in readiness for Rose pruning. Take to them with hot soapy water and a scourer or steel wool. Remove the sap stuck on the blade from previous pruning sessions and sharpen the blade with a fine oil stone. Sharp tools make pruning enjoyable.
  • Remove weeds around small seedlings, they compete for moisture and will ultimately win.
  • Pour boiling water between pavers to kill weeds quickly and safely.
  • Apply a weak solution of copper sulphate to slippery paving. Avoid splashing on foliage as it will burn.
  • Start digging some holes for new plants. A good strategy if you live where the soil is heavy clay or its dry. Dig a bit then allow the hole to fill up with water and then come back to digging the next stage later.
  • Check potted plants are not waterlogged and are draining freely.
  • Remove saucers from pots that are in the open, don’t allow the plants to continually sit in water.

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