Seasol How to Lawn Videos with Nigel Ruck – Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

Good mowing practice is vital for a great looking healthy lawn and it all starts with a well maintained mower. Change the blades regularly for a sharp cut and no leaf tearing. Check that all parts are in good working order such as no wobbly wheels.

The general rule of thumb with mowing is never to remove more than a third of the leaf blade in any one mow. Anymore and you will stress out the lawn and root system. Mowing about every 5 days through summer for warm season grasses like buffalo, couch, and kikuyu is a reasonable guide, but you may need more if you want the velvet effect (that plush, velvet-like look on lawns that is achieved by turf professionals).

If you don’t have the time and need to mow less often than that’s ok too, but you may not have the velvet effect. Regular light mowing encourages a thicker, healthier lawn and reduces the chance of weed growth and it looks so much better than infrequent hacking of overgrown lawn.

Mowing height is very important too. Fine leaf grasses such as couch and zoysia can be mowed lower more often than the broader leaf grasses such as buffalo and kikuyu. All varieties should be longer in late autumn and winter and about double the length and height.

Ideal lawn lengths

• Couch and zoysia – 15mm in summer, 30mm in winter
• Buffalo and kikuyu – 30-40mmm in summer, 50-60mm in winter
• Double the measurement if you are in the shade
• Start raising the blades mid to late autumn.
• Longer leaf lawns enable better photosynthesis and help reduce weed germination.

Well maintained edges are an absolute must and trimmers are perfect for this. For tricky sections get the scissors out for extra precision. For larger areas of lawn, use a ride-on mower.

Lawn care products

To keep your lawn looking good don’t forget the Seasol. It really is the best gear for all year round health on any lawn variety. Seasol is a complete lawn health treatment. It promotes healthy growth, stimulates a strong root system, reduces stress from heat, drought, frost, pests, diseases and foot traffic.

The soil is the life and soul of the lawn so looking after it just makes sense and is easy to do with Seasol Super Soil Wetter & Conditioner hose-on container. Just remember to water it in afterwards. This ensures water gets to where it is needed, the lawns root system. It also increases the wettability of hard to wet soils, improves the soil structure and microbial activity.