Seasol How to Lawn Videos with Nigel Ruck – How to lay lawn turf

There is no finer sight than a beautiful, well-maintained lawn. Whether you are growing from seed or laying turf, soil preparation is critical for success, so be sure to carry out any necessary soil improvement works.

Seasol Liquid Compost is perfect for soil prep with no digging required. It’s a fast-acting liquid that can be applied to any soil and the hose-on application is really easy – just let the liquid do its work. The standard application rate is every 3-6 months. For extremely poor soils, apply it every 2 weeks until the soil improves. The highly active liquid compost helps to condition the soil, improving soil structure and moisture retention. It also helps to break up clay soils and reduce nutrient loss in sandy soils and that’s what you want.

If your soil has dried out, apply Seasol Super Soil Wetter & Conditioner. This really helps if your soil has dried out below the surface. It has all the good gear found in Seasol plus a highly active liquid compost and a wetting agent which is important to hold water and nutrients in any soil, but especially hydrophobic soils and soils that have been allowed to dry out for a while.

In many cases, you will need to bring in a turf underlay soil mix even if your existing soil mix is good. The underlay soil has a high sand content than most soils and this is excellent for leveling and providing a firm well-drained base for your new lawn.

To calculate how much lawn you will need, measure the area and calculate area x depth plus allow 10% more for compaction. The underlying soil should be firm, leaving a very shallow footprint. The leveller and the roller tool are excellent tools for this process.

The golden rule with laying turf is green side up and brown side down. Start laying along a straight edge, offsetting the joint is particularly important on sloping ground to avoid soil erosion due to heavy rain.

If you have a joint all the way down here on a sloping site and you have heavy rain you would wash away all the soil.

Tweak the soil with the leveller as you go to smooth out any footprints. Use shears to cut the turf and avoid​ small pieces near hard edges as they dry out really quickly. Once you have finished laying the lawn turf, water in thoroughly and roller the lawn to get rid of any air pockets and then hit it with Seasol. During establishment, Seasol is perfect for helping to develop a strong root system and overall health. Apply Seasol every 7 -10 days.

Once the lawn is established, which is about 5 weeks, keeping it healthy and vigorous, is not only important but easy to do.

For granular slow-release action, there is PowerFeed LawnFeed with all the nutrients, seaweed and beneficial soil microbes for above and below the ground soil and lawn care. Plus there is the buffalo formula in this range too.

For ongoing care use Seasol for Lush Green Lawns and the same in buffalo formula, which is good for all lawns but tweaked especially for buffalo. Seasol for Lush Green Lawns is a superior health treatment and liquid fertiliser that combines the benefits of Seasol the seaweed solution, with a specially formulated nutrient mix, trace elements; concentrated liquid composts, and a wetting agent. It feeds and revitalises your lawn but also helps to condition the soil, so you are taking care of your lawn above and below the ground. The added wetting agent also ensures valuable water and nutrients penetrate the root zone. So it’s a perfect pick me up for a healthy lawn all year round.