Seasol How to Lawn Videos with Nigel Ruck – How to lay lawn seed

Whether you are growing from seed or laying new turf, soil preparation is critical for success, so make sure to carry out any necessary soil improvement works.

Seasol Liquid Compost is perfect for soil preparation, with no digging required. It’s a fast-acting liquid that can be applied to any soil and the hose-on application is really easy – just let the liquid do its work.

The standard application rate is every 3 to 6 months. But for extremely poor soils apply it every two weeks until the soil improves. The highly active liquid compost helps improve the soil structure and moisture retention. It also helps to break up clay soils and reduce nutrient loss in sandy soils – and that is you want. Seaweed, fish and nutrients boost soil and lawn health. It also helps boost root growth and improve soil, especially after lawn preparation and maximises nutrient uptake by lawns.

If your soil has dried out, apply Seasol Super Soil Wetter & Conditioner as this realy helps out if your soil has dried out below the surface.

It has got all the good gear found in Seasol plus highly active liquid compost and a wetting agent which is important to hold water and nutrients in any soil but especially hydrophobic soil and soils that have been allowed to dry out for a while.

Rake the lawn in one direction to create furrows, then broadcast your seed evenly over the area. Then rake in the opposite direction to lightly cover the seeds. It’s essential to keep the top 10mms or 1cm of soil moist at all times during germination by lightly misting with the hose. Don’t let it dry out.

Germination can take one to three weeks depending on the soil temperature and the time of the year.

During establishment, Seasol is perfect for helping to develop a strong root system and overall health. Apply every 7 to 10 days.

Once your lawn is established, which is about 5 weeks, keeping it healthy and vigorous is not only important but easy to do.

For ongoing care, you have Seasol for Lush Green Lawns and in the same range a buffalo formula, Seasol for Buffalo Lawns good for all lawns but specially formulated for buffalo.

For granular slow-release action use PowerFeed LawnFeed with all the nutrients, seaweed and beneficial soil microbes for above and below the soil and lawn care.

Plus there is the buffalo formula, PowerFeed Buffalo LawnFeed in this range too.