Seasol How to Lawn Videos with Nigel Ruck – How to fertilise and irrigate your lawn

Just like us humans, lawns need regular food to look their best, stay healthy and support all that new growth and beautiful green colour. Follow Nigel’s tips on how to fertilise and irrigate your lawn for fantastic results.

Feeding your lawn

Get the food right and you are in business. Here are a couple of his favorite lawn foods.

1. PowerFeed LawnFeed

The granular slow-release action of PowerFeed LawnFeed has all the elements you need to feed and revitalise your lawn. It promotes healthy growth and colour in all lawns. It’s boosted with seaweed for strong root development, to thicken lawns and to replace ugly patches. It also reduces stress from heat, drought and foot traffic, plus it’s packed full of billions of beneficial microbes to help improve the soil structure and to help lawns access nutrients within the soil. It’s safe to use on all lawns including buffalo.

Start at the beginning of spring and apply every six weeks during the growing season until the end of autumn for best results and velvet action. Remember to always water in immediately after application for instant activation.

2. Seasol for Lush Green Lawns

A fast-acting liquid feed Seasol for Lush Green Lawns is easy to use – just click it into the hose, turn on the water and you are away.

Being a liquid means it’s absorbed through the leaves straight away. It feeds and revitalizes the lawn, stimulates growth enhances foliage colour, promotes strong healthy root development and reduces stress from heat, drought, frost and foot traffic. It also conditions the soil, increases soil friability, reduces nutrient leaching, and stimulates beneficial soil microbes. Plus, it gets water to where​ the lawn needs it the most, the root system.

There is also the buffalo formula that is safe to use on all lawns but tweaked with more potassium for enhanced and stronger leaves in buffalo lawns.

Regular fortnightly or monthly applications will promote a healthy, lush green lawn.

Irrigating your lawn

Lawns look their best with regular watering, especially through summer. Less frequent, deep watering encourages deeper roots. This also applies to​ your garden plants.

Early morning or evening watering reduces water loss through evaporation, protecting our most precious resource.

Sandy soils absorb and drain water quickly, so they generally need more water. It’s the opposite with clay soil, so to avoid flooding you may need to water over a few shorter sessions to fill the soil profile.