When we think of Hibiscus plants we tend to think their time to shine is throughout summer, when in fact autumn is the best flowering time for these hardy plants. Hibiscus grow very successfully in a range of climates and are drought hardy, neat, easy to maintain and add much needed colour to the garden at this time of the year. They will benefit from an application of PowerFeed Controlled Release Plant Food Flowers, Fruit & Citrus this month and next. This will not only improve the fertility of the soil it will also to supply much needed nutrients to plant to build up their cold resistance

Avoid pruning plants throughout autumn, even if they look a little straggly because any new growth can be damaged by cold throughout winter. Always prune hibiscus as the weather warms up in early spring. Up to 1/3rdof the foliage can be removed and as the plants starts to shoot away remove the growing tips to encourage a bushy shape.

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