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Checking on the health of your potted plants is a part of regular maintenance routine for many gardeners.

Have you ever looked at one of your potted plants and come to the conclusion that it not looking its best or may have come to the end of its productivity but you don’t want to have to re-pot the whole plant or tip out its contents.

A couple of teaspoons of Seasol Potting Mix Booster mixed into the potting mix is an easy and simple way to rejuvenate and revitalise new and existing potting mix without the need to replace it.

Check out our handy hints, below if you what to extend the life of new potting mix or renew existing older potting mix.

Seasol Potting Mix Booster - existing potting mix

For existing potting mix.

Over time your potting mix becomes worn out, microbes die and the mix becomes lifeless, affecting the health of your plants. Bring life back to tired old potting mix with Seasol Potting Mix Booster. It brings the microbe population back to the soil, helping to create a healthy living potting mix. It assists the
 root system, can help improve aeration and water absorption and make plants more resilient to drought.

Seasol Potting Mix Booster - existing potting mix

How Seasol Potting Mix Booster Works.

It helps to restore the natural balance of the potting mix by incorporating beneficial microbes and natural minerals into it.

Microbes can help boost the immune system of plants which helps fight against pests and disease. It provides an ideal balance of food and energy for beneficial microbes to flourish and multiply. Simply mix it into the top 2cm of the potting mix and water it in thoroughly.

Seasol Potting Mix Booster is an effective and efficient source of nutrients and probiotics for a plant’s root system, which can reinforce the potting mix structure and healthy plant growth.

Boosted with an ideal balance of nutrients and energy for beneficial soil microbes, it can help enhance the plant’s natural defense mechanism.

Typical Analysis:

Nitrogen(N) 4.0%, Potassium(P) 1.4%, Potassium 1.1%

Seasol Potting Mix Booster - put life into your potting mix

For new potting mix.

New mixes start to break down after a couple of weeks due to the lack of good microbes in the soil. Seasol Potting Mix Booster helps to keep the mix 
alive by incorporating beneficial microbes and natural minerals into it.

These microbes improve the structure of the potting mix, helping maintain aeration and moisture retention. Plus it helps plants flourish by boosting the root system and promoting strong healthy growth.

Seasol Potting Mix Booster - put life into your potting mix

How to apply to new potting mix

Seasol Potting Mix Booster helps maintain the life of potting mix from the start, so simply mix it into the potting mix before planting or dig a hole and incorporate some into the backfill soil when planting.

Generally, Seasol Potting Mix Booster can be reapplied to potting mix every 3 to 4 months or as needed.

It provides a better environment for beneficial soil microbes in the protective coat, allowing them to multiply and gain strength using minerals as a nutrient source. This helps to prevent pests and disease by assisting the retention of important nutrients in the potting mix.