Daffodil Flowers in Pots

Bring your garden to life!

Winter and spring flowering bulbs provide a welcome splash of colour when many gardens need a lift. So why not bring your garden to life with vibrant daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, freesias, grape hyacinths, anemones & ranunculi – just to name a few

Grape Hyacinth Flower Bulbs

Growing bulbs in garden or pot

Most spring flowering bulbs enjoy growing in an open, sunny position with good drainage, so dig plenty of compost and organic matter though the soil before planting or use a good a quality potting mix in pots.

Planting Flower Bulbs on Pot

Planting bulbs in garden or pot

Plant bulbs roughly twice as deep as they are wide. Bulbs are usually planted pointy end up, with the exception of ranunculi, which should be planted claw down. Water them in with a solution of Seasol to get them off to a flying start

Growing Flower Bulbs

Healthy vibrant bulbs

Seasol is a complete garden health treatment. Mix 30mL of Seasol in 9 litres of water and apply it at planting time and every fortnight through the growing season. Seasol promotes healthy root growth & helps bulbs spring into life. It simulates the growth of beneficial microoganisms in the soil, which keeps your soil & bulbs happy. Seasol helps make bulbs more resistant to all kinds of stress like heat, frost, pest & disease.

Retail Seasol Powerfeed Plant Food for Flowers, Fruits and Citrus

For a spectacular display of flowers

Feed bulbs every fortnight from planting time until they finish flowering with PowerFeed for Flowers & Fruit, a dynamic fertiliser and soil conditioner