How to design a garden with bulb

Designing a garden with bulbs

Try growing bulbs in bold groups or relaxed clumps to mingle with shrubs and perennials, scatter them through grassy areas or plant them in natural drifts beneath deciduous trees. If you’re lacking space, try growing petite varieties like miniature daffodils or spring star flowers in window box planters or decorative bowls on a sunny balcony.

How to mix bulbs with other plants

Mixing bulbs with other plants

Look for plants with similar growing requirements and play around with different colour combinations to create harmony or contrast – like you would if you were picking paint colours for the house. Why not team winter-spring flowering bulbs with pretty annuals like pansies, violas or primulas which flower at the same time.

How to produce heaps of longer lasting flowers

Producing heaps of long lasting flowers

To get the best out of your flowering bulbs mix 30mL of PowerFeed or PowerFeed for Flowers and Fruit in 9 litres of water (standard watering can) and apply every two weeks from planting until your bulbs finish flowering. For an extra boost when growth appears, sprinkle 1 scoop per square metre of PowerFeed with Troforte around the bulbs and mix into the soil. Water in throughly after application.


How to get vibrant, beautiful bulbs with PowerFeed

Healthy vibrant flowering bulbs

PowerFeed is an organically based fertiliser & soil conditioner, which provides the perfect balance of nutrients to sustain bulb growth and promote a magnificent display of flowers. PowerFeed promotes vigorous flowering without producing excess foliage. It promotes long lasting blooms (even after they have been cut). It also helps to improve soil structure and stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms which are essential for keeping soil and plants happy.