How to Beat Summer Heat with Seasol

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Understanding Australian Summers.

Aussie summers are known for their scorching temperatures, with very little rainfall. We can go inside to avoid the heat and put the air conditioner on, but for gardens there is often no escape and plants have to cope with high temperatures, heat and drought. Seasol is the ideal companion to help your garden survive through harsh conditions.

sunflower needing water in summer

Signs of Heat Stress in your Garden.

Plants are good at showing us when they are suffering from heat and dry stress. When they start to wilt it can be a sign that they are under extreme moisture stress and the plant is beginning to shut down. The foliage on heat and dry affected plants will often brown off too and flower buds will abort.

Watering some plant in summer

Plant Moisture and Watering.

It is essential to act quickly once plants start to wilt. Try using a watering can or hose on a slow rain-type setting to deliver water at a steady rate, so moisture can soak deep into the root zone. The addition of Seasol to the watering can also help stressed plants to recover more quickly.

Sunflower growing in the sun

Seasol Helping Plants Survive Heat Stress.

A regular application of Seasol creates tougher, healthier plants that are more resilient to heat and drought. It helps plants to establish, grow, fruit and maintain better plant health when facing hot, dry conditions. Seasol treated plants also take longer to wilt in the heat.

Display of colourful annuals in pots

Pots and Hanging Baskets Summer Care Guide.

Try to move pots and hanging baskets into the shade on hot days to give them some relief from the sun. Black plastic pots and small containers are particularly susceptible to heat and drying out. If pots dry out, dip the whole container in a bucket of Seasol for a couple of hours to aid recovery. When the air bubbles stop you’ll know that the soil and root system is wet through. Applying Seasol regularly throughout the year will help your potted plants cope with Australian summers.