Delving into the world of herb teas and blending your own is fun. The flavour of freshly plucked leaves opens endless possibilities of creating flavour sensations. Most plants grown for herbal teas are gorgeous garden plants, so if you don’t get to make your own tea as often as you like, plants will continue to look gorgeous in the garden.

Creating clever plant combinations will ensure fresh herbal teas aren’t far away and fresh leaves plucked and steeped in boiling water is so easy to make. Plant in large mixed containers or reserve a sunny corner to create a ‘well-being’ garden jam packed full of fresh tea making ingredients.

Flavoursome herbal tea combinations

Try these flavour combinations –

  • Lemon grass, rosemary, and mint for a refreshing pick me up
  • Moroccan mint and peppermint will deliver a sweet minty flavour that smells divine.
  • Dandelion, ginger, and lemon verbena is packed full of antioxidants and full of flavour.
  • Chamomile and lemon balm will have you relaxing the evening away.
  • Mint and lavender teamed together gives a delicious subtle and slightly sweet flavour, not to mention the floral aroma.

Tip: Water in your new plant combinations with Seasol or Seasol GOLD to help reduce transplant shock and aid plant establishment.

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