To cast much needed summer shade, plant a grapevine or two. They are one of the best for living shade and there’s something about sitting under a pergola covered with grapevines.  Thriving in full sun they will grow well across the country and are successful with a little extra care in tropical areas. For the best start mix organic matter or compost, or for a no-dig option Seasol Liquid Compost in the hole at planting, mulch with composting mulch that will feed the soil as it breaks down and water regularly. Prune hard in winter when the vine is dormant to allow the warm winter sun stream through. If the thought of fruit is not appealing, look for the ornamental grapevine, exactly the same growth rate, gorgeous autumn colours and no hassle of fruit.

When planting or pruning your grapevines apply Seasol or Seasol GOLD to assist with strong root development and healthy growth. Apply 30mL of concentrate per 9 litres of water (standard watering can) or use the hose-on pack every 2 to 4 weeks throughout the year. To keep them looking lush and healthy, apply PowerFeed with Troforte All Purpose including Natives every 6-8 weeks into the top soil and water in thoroughly after application.

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