For some hard to grow native plants, select a grafted variety. Many native plants require specific growing conditions to perform brilliantly. By choosing a grafted variety, you can be guaranteed of disease resistance, plant performance and increased flowering. Grevilleas and Eremophilas are common varieties that are regularly grafted.

Eremophilas – often referred to as Emu Bush these plants require dry soil and hot conditions to thrive, with many of the species growing naturally in desert conditions. They will waterlog easily and die back in the cooler areas of Australia. By grafting onto a hardy root stock these plants are more widely available to more than just ‘expert’ gardeners. The most used rootstock for grafting is Myoporum insulare, which has varied growth habits and in most cases the tree selection is used as it’s a strong grower. Not only does this plant grow in many areas of Australia it has a long-life span.

Grevilleas – are usually grafted onto Grevillea robusta (silky Oak), a strong growing tree, which can reach great heights when allowed to grow on its own. The root stock is grafted at height, either 1m or 1.5m with a cascading variety. These plants are tough, sun and drought tolerant and create a stunning cascading effect as they grow. Perfect for large pots these fast-growing varieties will outperform many other plants, with the bonus of creating a habitat to native fauna. Place in full sun position and fertilise at the beginning of spring, summer, and autumn with a specific native plant fertiliser.

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