Gardenias are one of the most versatile plants suited to growing in Australia gardens.

They grow just as successfully in large pots as they do in garden beds, forming a hedge or as a specimen plant.

For subtle fragrance throughout the garden in the warmer months plant Gardenias close to entertaining areas or at the front entrance.

These plants are hardy once established and will tolerate sunny positions in the cooler areas of Australia.

Protect from heavy frost by planting under a canopy of foliage in frost prone areas.

It’s far easier to keep Gardenias healthy and growing vigorously than waiting until leaves turn yellow and are looking stressed, before they are cared for.

Gardenias require slightly acidic soil and regular fertilising.

Liquid fertilisers are ideal as they are absorbed through the foliage far quicker than if it’s applied to the soil and then take up by the plants roots.

In spring when leaves turn bright yellow they require a complete fertiliser containing magnesium.

This is when they are forming their flower buds and at their greatest need for trace elements.

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