When it comes to Christmas shopping head to the garden centre and do all your Christmas shopping at once. Our top 10 garden gift ideas for under $20.

  • Flowering patio roses – selected for their compact flowering habit and repeat flowering. Choose a perfumed variety
  • Poinsettias say Christmas like not other plant. Their brightly coloured bracts will hold their colour well into autumn, only to flower again in winter.
  • Potted Dahlia cultivars are an instant bunch of flowers with the added bonus of continuing to grow every year.
  • Potted herbs – be creative, select a Thai theme with lemongrass, chilli and Vietnamese mint or think Italian flavours with basil, oregano, and marjoram.
  • Hydrangeas are a perennial favourite for the cooler areas of Australia and being timed to flower at Christmas they are looking spectacular through summer months.
  • Fuchsias make the best instant hanging planters filling up a shady corner with pendulous bells.
  • A superhot chilli will blow even the most addicted chilli lover away.
  • Succulents make great sunny balcony plants and there is a foliage form that will please even the fussiest gardener.
  • Hybrid Kangaroo Paws look spectacular and when planted will not only add colour to the garden for months but will also keep the resident Honeyeater family birds happy.
  • A favourite indoor flowering plant is the Anthurium. They have a long life and will continue to flower for years with minimal care.

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