Clever garden design will enliven all the senses and varied plant selection is the key to achieving this in the garden. When we visit the garden centre often, we are stimulated by only a couple of the senses, often sight and smell. When selecting plants for the garden, balcony or indoor garden think about all the senses:

Sight – incredible colour combinations delight our senses and one of the easiest senses to delight in the garden. Nature never ceases to amaze when it comes to colour combinations on single plants. If you don’t feel confident print out a colour wheel before visiting the garden centre. Even if you know nothing about colour, a colour wheel will take the guess work out of plant selection.

Touch – some plants are rough, others are smooth. Chose plants for varying foliage, bark or seed pod textures at different times of the year. Some plants, with their smooth bark or trunks feel like they are inviting you to touch them, others such as the Sandpaper Wattle are so rough you can’t quite believe the feel of the leaf.

Taste – edible plants can be incorporated into any garden, whether it’s an herb or native garden. Be creative and plant some unusual combinations. Nectarines roasted with Thyme sprigs comes to mind. Experiment with happy accident flavours. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Smell – perfumed foliage and flowers are a mainstay of any garden. Plant where they are easily accessible or create surprise as you enter another area of the garden. Plant for perfume all year round.

Sound – is the sense that often gets forgotten about in the garden. Think about the rustle of leaves when the wind blows or unique sound when foliage is brushed past at the edge of the pathway.

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