Surrounding yourself with greenery has been proven to make you feel better. Green is calming and it doesn’t matter if you have 5 plants or 500 you will feel some positive effects of a few plants in your life. Spending time outside tending to plants will reduce blood pressure, give a sense of calm and be beneficial to the immune system.

Its time to immerse you and your family in the world of plants. A social prescription (non-medical treatments) are widely used across the world to tackle loneliness, anxiety and depression.

Tips for Stress Release Gardening.

  • Find a calm spot in the garden and place a chair, bench or a few cushions. Preferable with a view to a tree or green foliage. Use this space as a time out or to unwind for a few minutes throughout the day.

  • Large planters filled with your favourite coloured flowers will give a sense of calm.
  • Place a few fragrant plants throughout the garden. Select varieties that flower at different times of the year. Perfumes bring back memories. Plant fond memory plants.
  • The sound of running water, immediately brings calm to the soul. It can be as simple as a small fountain in a large bowl or as elaborate as a waterfall and a pond. The choice is yours.
  • If you are working from home, position yourself so you can look out a window onto nature, tree or gardens. Research confirms that it only takes 40 seconds of looking at nature or greenery and gardens to feel a physical calming effect.

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