A perfect project for the summer garden is the installation of garden lights. Technology has come a long way in the last 5 years and the quality of 12-volt garden lights that you can install yourself rivals a professionally installed system.

There are a few tips to getting outdoor lighting right:

  • Think about the function of the lights to be installed. Are they directional lighting, e.g. for pathways or will they be used to create ambiance in the garden?
  • Consider lighting features in the garden with up-lights. Highlighting features such as tree trunks, interesting foliage or the structural form of plants will add an extra dimension to the night garden.
  • LED lights are bright, so don’t install them so the light shines directly into guest’s eyes to blind them. Up high and casting light over an area is preferred.
  • LED lights are now available in different colours and in many combinations. Ask yourself, will the use of colour add an extra feature to the garden?
  • Are there any hazards, e.g. uneven ground or steps that should be lit at night?
  • Consider the size of the outdoor area to be lit and install the number of lights to create the mood you are seeking.
  • Don’t skimp on maintenance, a properly maintained system will last for many years.

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