Climbing plants are a favourite amongst small space gardeners. They are so versatile, easy to look after and will create a green canopy to cast shade very quickly. Many are fragrant and will add another dimension to a small garden.

Top 5 fragrant climbers

  • Wisteria flowers in spring and is one of those special plants the more you neglect it the more it will flower. Wisteria sinensis is covered with so many racemes of purple flowers that you can hardly see the branches for a few weeks. Prune after the new growth has started (usually about 5 weeks after the flowers have finished) to keep in control.
  • Wisteria venusta is a less popular growing variety and the perfume is very different to sinensis, but deserves a position in the garden. The perfume is similar to a Jasmine; it flowers in late spring and is pure white. Quite breathtaking when in full flower. Wisterias grow very well as standards, plant at the base of a strong pole or piece of pipe and train up the pole, removing all side shoots on the way up.

  • A neat well, behaved climber is the Stephanotis. This plant takes a few years to flower, but the wait is worthwhile. Tubular waxy flowers are borne in summer, with a subtle floral scent. Look out for avocado like seed pods, which will take at least 12 months to mature.
  • The Chinese Star Jasmine is an all-round favourite. In addition to being hardy and tolerant of a sunny position it is covered with small fragrant star shaped flowers throughout summer. Easy to control, the Chinese Start Jasmine is perfect for growing in pots.
  • Jasminum sambac is a small rambling climber to 1m which produces highly scented double flowers in summer. This plant is perfectly suited to growing in a large pot.

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