Adding perfume to the garden is easy with fragrant climbers and if space is at a premium try growing in large containers over frames.

Jasmines would have to be one of the most popular and hardiest of all the perfumed climbers. Jasminum polyanthum or Pink Budded Jasmine is the fastest growing of all the Jasmine varieties and if there is one in flower within a bull’s roar of your garden you are sure to sniff it out. Dark green foliage contrasts brilliantly with the pink buds, which open to pure white flowers.

Jasminum sambac or Arabian Jasmine is a scrambly plant, probably a little untidy in habit, but can be forgiven because of the divine perfume that it produces when in flower. Can be grown successfully in a large pot and looks gorgeous when the foliage cascades over the sides.

The Chinese Star Jasmine has been extensively planted in gardens all over the country. This tidy neat creeper it is perfect for small space gardening and is massed with creamy white flowers in summer. Perfect for planting around the outdoor entertaining area, where we can enjoy the subtle perfume on a balmy summer night.

How to look after climbers in the garden

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