One of the easiest and cheapest ways of growing vegies in containers is to grow them in a bag of premium potting mix. This option isn’t as attractive as large beds or a few mixed pots, but the results are the same. Tasty greens will be ready to be harvested in a few weeks.

All that is needed is a bag of premium potting mix, scissors, Seasol, PowerFeed and a couple of punnets of vegie seedlings.

Follow this simple process. 

  • Loosen the bag of potting mix if compacted to make it fluffy.
  • Select a sunny position and lay potting mix bag flat. Pierce some holes in the bottom for drainage and cut 6-8 holes on the top side of the bag. Pierce some holes on the top around the holes that have been cut. Holes should be big enough to fit two seedlings in each hole.

  • Plant seedlings in holes. Plant similar sized varieties together in one bag. Pak choi and repeat harvest lettuce go well together, as does silver beet and Chinese cabbage.
  • Water in well with Seasol  and apply PowerFeed fortnightly over the foliage (50mL of concentrate per 9 litres of water – standard watering can)
  • Once the crop has been finished, the potting mix can be spread over a garden bed.
  • Plant another bag in a few weeks’ time to ensure follow up crops are ready as one crop has finished.

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