There are many common garden plants that are ideal to use as ‘greenery’ or ‘fillers’ for cut flowers. Having flowers available to cut all year round takes a little planning, however having ‘greenery’ or ‘fillers’ to use in vases takes no planning at all after the initial planting.

Incorporate these plants into the garden landscape and not only will they look good in the garden they will be a useful resource for indoor floral displays.

  • Olive foliage will last for weeks in a vase and is very fast growing. These hardy trees will grow almost anywhere and respond to pruning.
  • Pittosporums vary in their growth habit, foliage form and size, but have one thing in common. They will all hold their colour when picked for fillers in a vase.
  • Magnolia grandiflora forms are ideal as their dark green strong foliage holds for weeks. Even after the flowers have finished they can be reused with the next bunch of flowers.
  • Scented Geraniums are the perfect fillers for a mixed bunch of cottage flowers. The subtle scent adds an extra dimension to vase displays and is so easy to grow in the garden. Choose from lemon, rose, peppermint or chocolate scented foliage.
  • Artemisia genus is wide and varied, with many foliage forms available to grow in gardens. This herbaceous shrub hedges well and responds to regular pruning, making them suitable for cutting. The grey and grey green foliage looks stunning in a mixed vase.

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