Clivea cv. – Are the perfect choice for neglectful gardeners. One of their favourite spots in the garden is under the canopy of established trees where other plants will not thrive. These notoriously hard to fill areas are continually dry and dark and is very difficult to add colour or interest all year round. The Clivea will thrive in most gardens in Australia and can be left to create large clumps in one position for over 20 years without dividing. Protect from hot sunny and frosty conditions.

Crepe Myrtle – Lagerstroemia These small summer flowering deciduous trees add brilliant colour in the warmer months. White, pink, mauve or burgundy forms are available to choose from. Depending upon the variety they will grow up to 8m high. The Indian Summer collection are mildew resistant and have been selected for their outstanding flowering habits. An extra feature of these trees is the smooth bark that develops over time. They can be grown as a tree specimen or if regularly pruned after flowering will remain as a bushy shrub.

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