• Consider the movement of the sun and where it is at different seasons. A tree positioned to cast shade in spring over a window may not be effective in summer due the change in the height of the sun.
  • For summer shade and winter sun, plant deciduous species.
  • Deciduous climbers grown over pergolas cast dense protective shade.
  • A canopy of foliage will protect sun sensitive understory plants.
  • Consider at what time of the year the area will be used and design the space accordingly. What type of shade does it require?
  • Can existing trees or buildings be used to your advantage?

With searing temperatures, the shade cast by a cleverly placed tree or two ensures the great outdoors can be enjoyed throughout the summer months. Strategically planted trees will also reduce internal temperatures of buildings and plants have a large role to play in modern architectural design. Climbers are also the perfect solution for quick fixes as they will reach the top of a pergola or frame in a short time.

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