Seasol Liquid Compost the easy no-dig option to improving your soil

Seasol Liquid Compost, the easy no-dig option to improving your soil and garden. Colin Barlow explains Seasol Liquid Compost.

Traditionally improving the soil in a beautiful garden would mean adding large quantities of manure, compost and soil conditioners to the soil and then digging them in.

There is nothing wrong with doing that, but it usually means a bit of hard work and a fair bit of time.

In existing garden beds, the plant’s roots can be easily damaged by digging in soil improvers plus there may not be enough room to get in between plants without damaging them.

But now there is a much easier and safer way to add rich organic matter to your garden soil with Seasol Liquid Compost, soil improver.

This clever formulation is a dynamic soil conditioner, soil improver and plant health treatment in one, that can be used on all soil in any garden.

It contains highly active liquid compost to help revitalise the soil by improving the soil structure and uptake of nutrients. It further encourages earthworms and microbial activity and helps retain moisture particularly in sandy soils.

Mix 50mL of Seasol Liquid Compost concentrate into 9 litres of water (standard watering can or bucket) and apply to the soil around the roots every 3 to 6 months. For extremely poor soil mix 100mL of Seasol Liquid Compost concentrate into 9 litres of water and apply every two weeks until the soil improves.

On heavy, poorly drained or clay soils the liquid compost helps to open up the soil, acting as a clay breaker to improve drainage and aeration.

Seasol Liquid Compost also contains the benefits of seaweed, fish and nutrients to help boost root growth and improve and protect the soil.

An even quicker way to reinvigoration the soil is with Seasol Liquid Compost hose-on. Each two-litre hose-on pack will treat up to 100 square metres of soil and garden within 10 minutes. To use the hose-on pack, turn on the water to a medium pressure and water your plants just like you are watering with a hose. Lift the yellow lid to start applying the Seasol Liquid Compost and when you have finished, push the yellow lid back down again.

Seasol Liquid Compost is enhanced with seaweed to reduce stress from heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases to help you produce tougher and healthier plants.

Seasol Liquid Compost can be used as a soil conditioner for new garden beds or a soil tonic for planting and transplanting. Plus it can be safely used around all your plants in the garden.

It helps the microbes and micro-organisms break down the soil, helping to maximise nutrient uptake by plant.

To improve soil, plants and garden without all the hard work, simply give them a boost with Seasol Liquid Compost

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