Germinating seeds is successful in the shoulder seasons. March is nature’s natural planting time and the best time of the year to grab a few packets of seeds, seed raising mix and get them growing. Last year we saw a shortage of vegie seeds, but there are good stocks around this year. Growing vegies from seed is really good value and while the weather is a little warm or the summer crop is still producing the last of its crop, you can get a head start.

Here are six tips to ensure success:

  • Place seed trays or pots in a light position but not direct sun. Transfer to a sunny position to harden off the seedlings as they grow.
  • Some varieties of seeds will benefit from soaking overnight in warm water. Silver beet, English spinach and beetroot will germinate very quickly if soaked overnight.
  • Delay planting large seeds, such as Broad Beans and peas until they can be sown directly into the area, they will be grown in.

  • Once seedlings are established transplant 2 or 3 plants together rather than splitting them and planting individually.
  • Soak in Seasol before planting to help reduce transplant shock and aid plant establishment. Continue to apply Seasol every week to fortnight for healthy growth.
  • Seedlings are always hungry as they develop their growth so liquid feed with PowerFeed PRO SERIES for Tomatoes & Vegetables every 2 weeks. Mix 20mL of concentrate per 9 litres of water.

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