As the rain starts to fall it’s easy to forget to water the garden beds under the eaves. Often these areas are hooked to the automatic reticulation system that is turned off when it starts to rain. Areas under the eaves will require hand watering at least once per week. If the soil has been allowed to dry out, add a wetting agent such as Seasol Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner and water in thoroughly.

Moss will start to thrive in lawn areas where the soil is compacted and there is a lack of drainage. It can be easily controlled by aerating and cultivating the soil. If lawn isn’t growing because it’s too shady, try removing the lawn and planting shade loving ground covers.

Fertilise spring flowering bulbs as they are pushing up through the soil. PowerFeed Controlled Release Plant Food Flowers, Fruit & Citrus will deliver all the nutrients a young bulb needs for flowering. Bulbs are fantastic waterwise plants and look stunning mass planted in pots or in a sunny position in the smallest of spaces. Also to keep them healthy and strong apply Seasol every 2 to 4 weeks.

If reverse cycle heating is the only form of heating in your house, place a saucer or container of water close to indoor plants. This form of heating tends to remove moisture from the air and indoor plants can suffer in winter. Move plants away from the direct air flow.

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