There are at least 20 different varieties of tomatoes available to the home gardener. Select varieties that are grown for flavour. Avoid storing home grown tomatoes in the fridge as this reduces the unique home-grown flavour. Harvest fruit at their ripest and be rewarded with flavour like nothing else.

There are basically two types of tomatoes determinate and indeterminate. Determinate are those varieties that are more compact, perfect for pots and set many fruit which ripen early. Indeterminate are those varieties that are unruly, seem to continue to grow forever and fruit well into the cooler months. These are a favourite of home gardeners and include cherry tomatoes, one of the most productive producers of the home garden tomato varieties.

Tips to growing the best tomatoes

  • Plant into well improved soil with compost or soil improver such as Seasol Liquid Compost in a position that receives at least 6 hours of sun per day.
  • Trim the side leaves and bury the plant deep, covering much of the main stem. The tomato will develop roots along this stem resulting in a strong healthy plant. The larger the root system the more fruit that is produced. Water in well with Seasol GOLD. Mix 40mL of concentrate per 9 litres of water (standard watering can).
  • Avoid small pots when growing tomatoes. Select large pots that have enough soil around the root system to keep the plant cool and minimise drying out in the warm weather. Fruit will sun burn easily if the plant is dehydrated and prone to blossom end rot (blackening at the base of the fruit) if the plants dry out regularly.

  • Calcium enriched fertiliser will help minimise blossom end rot. Apply a fertiliser such as PowerFeed PRO SERIES for Tomatoes & Vegetables every 2 to 4 weeks to promote healthy growth, flowering and fruiting. Start with 20mL of concentrate per 9 litres of water and move up to 50mL of concentrate per 9 litres of water as the plants get bigger.
  • To minimise floury textured tomatoes, avoid excess additional water when the fruit is ripening.
  • Tomato plants require wind or insects to pollinate, plant in an open position.
  • To enjoy the most flavoursome fruit pick to eat.

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