It’s July and while winter feels like it has just started in some areas, it’s time to start thinking about planting summer bulbs. Summer bulbs are some of the most rewarding plants for colour.

In the case of Dahlias, while not strictly a bulb are one of my favourites, flowering right through summer to late autumn. They are spectacular for a colourful garden display, are the ideal cut flower and perfect for pots.

Follow these simple steps for perfect Dahlias;

  • Choose a sunny position away from gusty winds.
  • Improve soil with compost, sheep manure or soil improver if growing in the ground.
  • Select strong tubers that are firm and not shrivelled. Plant tuber crown about 5cm under the soil surface.
  • When the shoots reach a height of about 30cm, cut stems off by 10cm. This will encourage bushy growth, which results in more flowers.
  • Feed regularly with PowerFeed PRO SERIES Roses & Flowers (50mL of concentrate per 9 litres of water every 2 weeks). It contains less nitrogen so you won’t get excess foliage at the expense of flowering. It also contains extra iron to reduce leaf yellowing and improve budding and flowering. Plus it contains liquid compost to improve the soil structure and nutrient uptake by your Dahlias.

Once plants have completely died back in late autumn, tubers can be split, lifted and stored in wood shavings out of the rain in readiness for planting next year.

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