Looking for edible plants with a difference?

There are many varieties suited to growing in a large pot and can be grown in even the smallest spaces, given they receive at least 6 hours of sun per day.

Lemon Myrtle is one of our Aussie treasures. Leaves are perfect for flavouring rice, cakes and flans. These intensely perfumed and flavoured leaves have been used in the culinary and cosmetic industry for many years. This tree is slow growing in most areas of Australia and makes an excellent pot specimen. Harvest fresh new leaves when needed and trim lightly in early spring to keep bushy.

Strawberry Guavas are an ideal large shrub for background planting with the added bonus of producing delicious fruit from summer to autumn, depending upon the variety. Plant in a sunny position with a thick layer of organic mulch as the root system is shallow. The soft red fruit sweet fruit is delicious on a cheese platter or served with natural yoghurt drizzled with honey.

Chinese Date or Jujube will survive even the harshest treatment. These small trees are tolerant of drought, extreme heat and slightly saline water.  When established, the tree produces many small sweet fruit similar to an apple or pear in flavour, rather than a date. They will dry on the tree and develop intense flavour, if the birds can be kept away. The root stock is prone to suckering in times of stress and because of this, it’s recommended in small gardens to grow in a large pot.

Caper Bush is the perfect edible plant for its looks as well as its flavourful flower buds. They are tolerant of heat, not fussy and will turn up their toes if they receive too much water. Perfect small perennial for sunny positions, their grey green leaf will add a colour contrast to many gardens.

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