Never underestimate the benefits of trees in the garden and the shade cast from a spreading canopy of foliage is difficult to repeat with a man-made structure. Planting a tree on the west side of the garden will protect plants and the house from extreme temperatures and afternoon sun, hopefully saving dollars in cooling costs.

Revamping a garden under the canopy of advanced trees can have some challenges. Follow these simple tips to gorgeous, shaded gardens:

  • Trees skim the soil surface for moisture and nutrients, so when planting underneath advanced trees, dig large wide oversized holes. Don’t be afraid to cut tree roots if needed as advanced trees can tolerate root pruning. Water in with Seasol GOLD (30mL of concentrate per 9 litres of water) to promote rapid, strong root development and plant establishment.
  • Plant advanced plants, the larger the better. As roots of the tree extend through the soil of the new plants, they will require a strong root system of their own to continue to grow. Growth rates are usually slower when competing with large trees.
  • Use liquid fertiliser regularly on understory plants such as PowerFeed All Purpose including Natives as this will help to boost plant growth and improve soil health, moisture retention and nutrient uptake. Apply over the foliage rather than around the soil, so the hose-on option is easy and simple to apply. Just attach to your hose and off you go. Remember on hot and dry days apply in the cool of the day, early morning or late at time is a great time. Also if you get some on your paving or timber, simply wash off with water.

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