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Silver foliage is a favourite of many gardeners, adding highlights to otherwise dull areas.

Most silver plant varieties prefer being planted in the hottest, driest parts of the garden.

Top 5 Silver Plants:

  • Globe artichokes are a spectacular garden plant with contrasting silver foliage and carry even more spectacular purple blue flowers. Even if you don’t want to harvest the artichokes, they make a brilliant show in the garden.
  • Lavender is a sure favourite and perfect for the sunniest position. French Lavender is my favourite not only do the flowers smell divine, but they also won’t self-seed and become a problem in other parts of the garden or bushland.
  • Silverbush or Convolvulus cneorum has velvet-like silver foliage and perfect as a border plant. Only reaching a height of 30cm this hardy shrub is very well behaved in any garden. The hotter the position the better the flowering.
  • Cushion Bush or Leucophyta is a standout. Perfectly suited to exposed conditions this tight compact small shrub creates unique ball-like shapes in the garden. Avoid pruning hard and trim lightly to shape regularly.
  • Lambs Ears has soft furry foliage that feels exactly like baby lambs’ ears. It is a favourite amongst gardeners and performs best in a warm position. Avoid planting in the shade as it tends to lose the compact growth habit and the silver colour of the foliage tends to fade.

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